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Nourish Your Skin with Little Bee Body Scrubs and Skin Salves

Your skin is a pretty big deal. And we mean that literally because your skin is the biggest organ you have! It’s a watertight, airtight packaging that carries you from infancy to adulthood, (hopefully in a pretty-enough package to turn some heads), while simultaneously regulating your temperature and providing immune defenses. Woah, right? You owe it to your skin to give it the best care possible, and even to treat it to something special from time to time.

Our skin really takes a beating during the summer months when so much time is spent outdoors. The heat, sun, salty beach air and other irritants like bug spray, sunblock, and even smoke from the nightly fire pit can leave your skin with a little more dryness and damage than it had the day before. Your skin is tough but sensitive and needs to be cared for consistently to keep it youthful and nourished.

Little Bee Body Scrubs and Body Salves to the Rescue!

We’ve developed a delectable line of Body Scrubs and Body Salves that nourish and moisturize your skin, and will give it back the youthful glow you deserve. Your skin will thank you!

First, let’s talk about our all-natural Sea Salt Body Scrubs, which are sweet and salty, and give your skin a delicious blend of exfoliation and moisture.

Little Bee of Connecticut - locally produced, honey sea salt body scrub

Almost yummy enough to eat. Almost. (But please don’t.) They were created with a blend of natural ingredients that will gently smooth away dryness and leave your skin with a beautiful healthy glow.

In your shower or bath, simply moisten your skin with warm water. Apply liberal amounts of Body Scrub to your driest skin areas and gently massage in a circular motion. (Better yet, recruit someone to do that for you?). Rinse completely and immediately discover how soft and silky smooth your skin has become!

Choose from Eucalyptus, Honey & Lemon, or our favorite…Lavender Honey. The gentle fragrances will melt your stresses away.

And next, we’ll tell you all about our natural beeswax Body Salves, which are a no-brainer for anyone with dry, chafed or otherwise damaged skin.

Little Bee of Connecticut - locally produced, beeswax body salve from the hive

Our Little Bee Body Salve was developed to provide natural moisture to any and all of your dry skin areas including hands, elbows, knees, and feet. (Reminds us of the cute little song “head, shoulders, knees and toes…) And hey, our body salve is perfectly good for those areas too! Our formula contains a blend of natural oils and pure beeswax that will completely soothe and condition your skin. No need to add water.

We’ve created three blends to please all senses:

Chill Body Salve.  Our “coolest” blend has subtle notes of peppermint, orange, lavender, and patchouli. Just breathe it in and chill out as you moisturize.

Soothe Body Salve. A local favorite, this blend contains Atlas Cedar, Juniper, Ylang Ylang, and Vanilla. Not too masculine and not too feminine. It’s just right.

Naked Body Salve. The name says it all. There is no added fragrance in this blend, and it will nourish your skin without leaving a lingering scent, so your own natural scent will come through. (If you haven’t read our last blog on Scent and Perfumes, you need to go check it out!)


The quality of your skin greatly contributes to how healthy, young and attractive you will be perceived by others.

If you want to be perceived as youthful, and have amazing, supple, dewey skin, you just have to take a few steps in the right direction. You’ve heard the saying, “Today is the first day of the rest of your life”, right? Well, there’s no time like today to begin a skin care regimen that will keep your largest and most-visible organ (your skin) glowing, halt some of the damage that may be occurring and possibly reverse some of it!

These two products, Little Bee Body Scrub and Little Bee Skin Salve, which we bring to you directly from the hive, are a good first step. Combine the sweet, goodness of honey and the natural benefits of beeswax into your skin care routine today.

And of course, don’t skimp on the sunblock!

If you have any questions regarding our Sea Salt Body Scrubs, Body Salves, or any of the all-natural products on, please email us at,

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Thank you for supporting Little Bee of CT and the busy beekeepers around the world.


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