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Little Bee will be on vacation from June 13th to the 26th. Orders placed during this time will be shipped on June 27th.

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Little Bee of CT - Bee Keeping


In support of the growing movement to “keep it local”, the Priore family, residents of Southbury, CT, are doing just that through Little Bee of Connecticut.

The premise behind Little Bee of CT is a simple one:  Provide locally produced, unique products from the hive, while educating their customers on what we can all do to help support honey bee survival.  All of Little Bee’s products are handmade in small batches, and only include simple, minimal ingredients.

Priore Family - Little Bee of CT

In the beginning...

Little Bee Priore
Welcome from our "Little Bee"

The contemplation of beekeeping as a hobby was happenstance. It started in 2012 with a trip to a Farmer’s Market in the Hudson Valley, NY, where an observation hive in one of the booths sparked a conversation with a local beekeeper. A few books on the subject, along with beekeeping classes taught through Flanders Nature Center in Woodbury, CT and they were ready for their first hives.  It quickly became apparent to the Priores that beekeeping would become a passion versus just a “hobby”.

The name “Little Bee” was a part of the Priore family long before their beehives were. It has been their daughter’s nickname since she was a toddler, thanks to a walking and talking Winnie the Pooh toy. “Little Bee likes to go, go, go…” it would say as she chased it across the floor.  When the honey bees came into their lives, she took an immediate interest and has actively participated in the management of their hives.  Naming the business after her just seemed natural.

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