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New Product Launch: CLAY + HONEY Facial Masks!

The combination of clay and honey bring some amazing and surprising health benefits to your skin.


We’ve all had ENOUGH of masks in the last two years to last a lifetime. Wearing masks all day can wreak havoc on your skin by trapping moisture, sweat and oils, which act as a catalyst to irritate your skin and cause breakouts.

Little Bee is here to help! (And self-care is SO important these days.)

We’ve developed a very special line of facial mask that will pamper your skin and leave you feeling rejuvenated and fresh-faced!

Clay facial masks have been around for quite a long time!

The use of clay on skin for healing properties dates back over 5,000 years in India. In Egypt, Cleopatra was also known to apply clay masks to her face to help draw out impurities. Masks become a staple in Roman bathhouses, and as they gained in popularity, they found their way into modern-day spas and self-care routines throughout the world.

There’s also a reason that clay masks have been around for so long…they work! They clean out pores, draw up excess oils and brighten dull, dry skin to give it a healthy glow. Plus, they’re fun to apply and make a great activity to do with your friends, siblings and children.

And, let’s not forget the healing properties of honey!

Honey has been used medicinally for hundreds of years. Greek, Roman and Chinese cultures used it topically to treat wounds, fevers and internally to treat stomach ailments. Today, honey is still being used to help us heal and as a food additive or nutritional supplement.

This may sound strange, but natural honey contains an enzyme that when exposed to moisture produces hydrogen peroxide. Which means it can be used to kill harmful bacteria and fungi. It can help wounds heal by releasing oxygen from them. Raw honey can be applied directly to minor cuts and burns to help them heal quicker and reduce infections.

Because we love all things honey, this amazing combination of clay and honey had been rattling around in our brains for a while. We knew it was something special and it was on our short list of projects.


Did you know… our Little Bee helped develop this line with us?

We’ve always been inspired by our daughter and the beauty she brings to our lives. The fact that she has been so active in our beekeeping business has given us so much joy over the years! During the pandemic, we worked together to create this new line of clay masks because we had the time to test and develop the recipe, and it gave us a chance to work on something special together.

Let’s tell you more about the line of masks!

We spent quite a few months testing different clays from around the world and refining the formulations to bring you not only cleansing, but also softening solutions for your face with the addition of the naturally antimicrobial and humectant properties of honey.


So, yes, our little bees in the hives were also involved in the product launch.  🙂


The result of all this hard work is a line of facial masks that will give you clean, smooth skin without overdrawing – PERFECTION!


Each sleek glass tube contains 5 individual applications – just measure, add water, and mix – SIMPLE! Easy directions and measurements are included.


Once you apply, it’s about a 15-20 minute RELAXING wait, and you’re ready to rinse it off and feel the smooth skin. We’ve also included a pretty little bookmark with each tube, in case you want to spend that quiet time catching up on your reading.


FRENCH GREEN – This greenish clay is found in Montmorillon, France. Green clay is excellent for absorption of oil, dirt and impurities on the surface of your skin. This blend is effective on acne-prone skin, helping to remove oil, yet maintaining moisture.


NEW ZEALAND GLACIAL – Mined directly from the southern Alps of New Zealand, this fine, gentle clay softens skin naturally. It’s the perfect choice for sensitive or maturing skin.


MOROCCAN RED – Extremely mineral rich, this ancient clay is minded from deep beneath the Atlas Mountains of Morocco. Containing both softening agents as well as drying properties, this blend is well suited for combination skin.


Introductory Offer!


To sweeten this product launch a little more, we’re offering special introductory pricing just in time for the holidays on $19 – SWEET!


For more information on any of the all-natural products we create at Little Bee of CT, visit us at or email us at,

Don’t forget to follow @littlebeeofct on Instagram and Facebook where we post daily updates on our products and our favorite creature…the little bee!


Thank you for supporting Little Bee of CT and the busy beekeepers around the world.

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