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Flowers and Hand Rolled Beeswax Candles

A Simple and Meaningful Celebration

We were supposed to be on safari and flying over the Serengeti desert in a hot air balloon for my parent’s 50th anniversary this year. When COVID-19 struck we knew immediately that our very special experience which had been in the works for 2 years was not going to be possible.

Fortunately, the virus has not directly impacted us. We still wanted to celebrate the occasion in some special way, but what would be appropriate during this difficult time? We ultimately decided that a small gathering of close family members it would need to be (much to Mom’s delight!).

The Evening

It needed to be simple, but elegant. An easy menu. A time and a place where our small group could gather under our massive oak trees, relax and appreciate the silence of a country home, and reflect on how fortunate we all are to be able to celebrate this milestone together.

The Table

The 16ft table was draped with a crisp, white tablecloth and in lieu of a table runner, dove grey linen napkins laid corner to corner to create a diamond pattern.

The Light

It’s funny, we always liked candles, but really didn’t appreciate the ambiance they create until we started making our own from beeswax. We love the simplicity of rolled beeswax candles. We love that there is nothing toxic or artificial in them. We love that they are appropriate for both casual and more formal use, at any time of year. The light they emit is truly exquisite, but especially at night. For this event we used a variety of sizes our brand new 5” diameter triple wick, our 3” and 6” pillars as well as our 2” votives in a variety of white-washed wood and glass candle holders and lanterns.


The Flowers

We think flowers make all the difference in a table scape. Whether they are professionally created, or “weeds” picked from the backyard and arranged in glass jar, flowers bring a visual “oompf” to an entertaining space. Our gorgeous flowers were designed by Brenda Christie of @bouquetsandbeyondct in Woodbury, CT. Brenda created us an array of light, bright arrangements of Coral Charm and Festiva Maxima peonies, Playa Blanca and Tiffany peach roses, Allium, Engrym (thistles!) and HERBS! Rosemary and mint to be exact. The inclusion of herbs was an unexpected way to improve visual interest, texture and scent on a warm summer evening.


The Result

It goes without saying that the evening was a success. It may not have been Africa, but it was far more meaningful in a different way. Sometimes the simple things are those that matter the most.


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